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What is a Bamboo Mattress?

Bamboo mattresses function like standard mattresses in many ways, yet the use of bamboo in the design causes them to have specific benefits.

Ecologically, bamboo is a super material as it releases more oxygen compared to other common materials such as cotton.

Alongside this, unlike cotton, bamboo remains un-treated when harvested and therefore is free of harmful chemicals, providing a safer night’s sleep. 

The physical properties of bamboo make it one of the most comfortable and soft mattresses available whilst simultaneously creating a cooling, breathable mattress structure to help regulate body temperature during the night.

Perhaps the most beneficial quality of bamboo mattresses is that, due to the anti-bacterial properties of the plant, they are hypoallergenic, a trait that makes them a perfect solution for people who suffer from allergies, migraines, sensitive skin or are subject to snoring.

Like all mattresses,  the best bamboo mattresses can be purchased in many different sizes, thicknesses, and designs depending on the needs of each customer.

For example, some customers may suffer from back or neck problems, which will require a mattress with a high level of firmness and thinness to provide physical support, a trait that will affect which product is chosen.

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In a rush? Here is our best rated bamboo mattress

Why we rate this the best bamboo mattress

  • This product is available to be purchased in a variety of sizes such as Twin, Queen, King, and California King;  thicknesses, both 10 and 12″; and includes an adjustable base, making it possible to tailor this product to fit each bed frame.

  • This mattress is best for customers who wish to eliminate odor and promote relaxation due to the combination of bamboo charcoal memory foam and Aloe-Vera infused transition foam in its design.

  • This brand promises the quality of its products by providing a 10-year money-back guarantee with each purchase

  • Using smart-shipping, LUCID mattresses arrive at the home in a compact package to ease the task of unboxing and set-up

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This is rated our best value for money bamboo mattress

What you need to know

  • This is the best mattress available for providing a quiet night’s sleep as the clever design uses layers of memory foam to support the back and core of the body, reducing disturbance during sleep due to its motion isolation design.

  • The stretch knit mattress cover on this product improves the durability of this long-lasting mattress.

  • Priding themselves on their smart-shipping, each product from Ashley Furniture comes with a ‘bed in a box’ for instant enjoyment. 

  • Mattresses are cleverly wrapped and compressed to enable customers to easily and quickly use each mattress.

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The best of the rest

What you need to know

  • Comprised of three layers of different memory foam, each with a different function, this mattress is perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm feel.

  • The top two layers of transition memory foam and gel-infused memory foam are designed to regulate body temperature and improve circulation, whilst the foam base layer consists of 6.5 inches of dense bamboo and charcoal-infused support foam to provide firm, stable support.

  • The LUCID bamboo mattress brand uses only the best Certi-Pur-us certified memory foam to ensure long-lasting safety and quality with their products.

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What you need to know

  • Unlike more conventional mattress forms, this mattress is designed for transport and is, therefore, the best choice of mattress for customers who are looking for a comfortable sleep on the go.

  • The Tri-Fold design makes this product small and easy to use for travel.

  • To ensure the quality of their product, Inofia uses Certi-Pur-us certified foam and promises a 100 hassle-free night trial and a 10-year warranty.

  • For ease and cleanliness, this product comes with a handy removable cover. The cover is not only ultra-soft and plush but also includes a non-slip bottom. The cover is designed to be machine washable for convenient care.

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What you need to know

  • Best for sensitive sleepers who require pressure relief during sleep, when combined with the high-quality materials, the design of this mattress incorporates an innerspring mattress with individually encased pocket coils to reduce pressure points and protect the body, back, and spine.

  • This product by EASELAND has a uniquely engineered designed bamboo pillow top mattress, to scatter heat and regulate body temperature during sleep.

  • Through following the sourcing of their materials from Thailand, this brand believes their fabric is more breathable of skin-friendly due to its high-quality. The materials for this product have also been approved by CertiPUR-US, making them healthy, hypoallergenic, and free from harmful substances.

  • All Easeland’s products come with a 10-year warranty, assuring quality and making them some of the best bamboo mattresses available.

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What you need to know

  • With the best bamboo mattress reviews, materials, and design, this product is one of the most luxurious available.

  • The high-quality materials make it soft and clean whilst the thick design provides optimum comfort, yet means it does require a substantial bedframe to support it.

  • Unlike common bamboo mattresses, the double volume thickness of this product made up of 12″ of comfort layers of bamboo memory foam, provides a medium-soft feel perfect for those who like a comfortable, cozy sleeping surface. However, the softness of this mattress makes it less ideal for those who suffer from back pain.

  • Designed with a unique easy-zip cover made of bamboo fibers, this product is easy to keep clean, repelling dust mites and other irritants.

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What you need to know

  • Best for sleepers who wish to regulate their temperature during sleep, the unique design of this mattress uses high-density memory foam injected with gel particles to cool and soothe.

  • Alongside this, the combination of the ingredients of bamboo and charcoal memory foam promotes water absorption to keep the mattress dry cool and hygienic during sleep.

  • Due to the elasticity caused by the gel and bamboo charcoal infused materials reduce motion whilst improving support and comfort, making this product is ideal for people who are sensitive sleepers and may require relief in certain sleeping positions such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

  • Assuring the quality of their beds and customer service, this brand promises a 10-year warranty with each purchase alongside their 24-hour after-sales support team.

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What you need to know

  • This mattress is best for sleepers who are sensitive to allergens and require high-quality materials from their products.

  • The use of Certi-PUR-us certified foam,  natural bamboo, and organic wool cover also makes it eco-friendly.

  • The use of the wool and bamboo cover in the design means that it can also be removed and replaced when it needs to be refreshed, improving your mattresses durability, cleanliness, and deterring pests such as dust mites.

  • Unlike most bamboo mattresses, this mattress is neither firm nor soft,  but rather a happy medium. Therefore it provides the best compromise of support and pressure relief with the high comfort level and the plush material.

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How does a Bamboo Mattress Work?

Like traditional mattresses, bamboo mattresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes,  such as a bamboo queen mattress or king size bamboo mattress, and are designed to fit into most conventional bed frames.

Once you have ordered your desired product it will be shipped to your home. Most companies will use a method of smart-packaging, a process that involves compressing, rolling, and boxing each mattress in order to reduce the amount of space and costs that occur when shipping their products.

If this is the case, when your mattress arrives you will need to remove it from its box, preferably in the desired room or on the bed frame you are going to use, and leave it to expand to its full form and size for at least 72 hours. Each company will likely provide you with a set of specific instructions on how to unbox their products.

Once the mattress is unboxed, returned to its true shape, and has been placed in the desired location, all that is left to do is to make the bed as you would normally.

To get the most out of the bamboo’s natural qualities, it would be best to use bed sheets also made from bamboo or an organic alternative such as cotton, hemp, or linen, as to not limit the breathability and hypoallergenic qualities of the mattress.

Who would use a Bamboo Mattress?

Bamboo mattresses can be used to benefit everybody as their eco-friendly qualities make them a conscious alternative to mattresses with a higher environmental impact. However, the use of a bamboo bed is more beneficial for certain people due to the specific natural qualities of the plant material.

The hypoallergenic qualities of the plant make bamboo beds a perfect solution for people who are triggered by allergens such as dust, found on traditional mattresses. Due to the natural material, this is also an ideal solution for customers with sensitive skin.

Best for customers who struggle to regulate their body temperature during sleep, the bamboo ingredient in the foam mattresses also absorbs moisture keeping the body cool whilst sleeping.

How much does a Bamboo Mattress Typically Cost?

When comparing the best mattresses available, prices can vary massively depending on the needs and restraints of each customer, such as budget, physical requirements, and the design of the bed frame. On average, prices start at $250.00 and can reach up to $600.00. However, depending on your budget there are other options available.

If you have a restricted budget yet would still like to benefit from the qualities of a bamboo mattress, alternatives such as mattress toppers and protectors, available in a variety of sizes such from twin xl to king, can be bought for as little as $20.00, providing an ideal layer of plush comfort and coolness to your traditional mattress.  Other solutions that may protect customers from allergens without the need to purchase a complete bamboo memory foam mattress, is a bamboo foam pillow or foam pillow top.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for luxury, extra high-quality products can be purchased for around $1500.00 and beyond. With this larger price tag, your mattress will likely include added extras such as a tailored support base or complementary memory foam pillows.

Key features to look out for when buying a Bamboo Mattress


Like most traditional mattresses, bamboo mattresses can be purchased in most sizes depending on the design and constraints of your bed frame. Make sure to check the measurements alongside the standard sizing terms, as the terms ‘twin’ or ‘king’ may vary slightly from place to place.


The range of thicknesses available to you may be affected by the physical constraints and available designs compatible with your bed frame, so bear this in mind before falling in love with a plush 12″ mattress which may not fit!

Bed frames aside, a greater thickness for your mattress can have a real effect on increasing the product’s firmness and comfort, however, having a thinner mattress can have its own benefits too.

Thinner mattresses, although they may be less comfortable when sleeping at night, because of the firmness of their sleeping surface, are better in the long term for people who require back support.


It can be confusing when trying to understand the varying designs between hundreds of different mattresses, but a key way to navigate this is to ask yourself what you are looking for from your mattress and how can the design help this.

For example,  a high-density foam layer will reduce motion transfer, and so if you share a bed and find yourself frequently disturbed by your partner during sleep, this could be a great option for you.


Most mattress companies provide smart-shipping and boxing of their products for convenient unpacking and set up in the home. However, it is worth checking the options and services available for shipping as it can make the installation of the mattress into your home a far more pleasant and accessible experience!

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