foldable mattress

Foldable mattress

What is a foldable mattress?

Foldable mattresses do what they say on the tin. They’re a highly portable alternative to the sprung mattress you might have on your bed at home. But, they have the added benefit that they can fold up for easy carrying and storage.

They’re usually constructed out of high-density foam or memory foam pads. The pads are joined by their fabric covering, allowing the pads to be folded up to save on storage space in the home. Folding mattresses and trifold sleeping mats are becoming a popular choice in the home as guest beds as well as for when camping. They’re a convenient alternative to airbeds which can leak during the night. Plus, they’re usually more portable and easier to wash than futons.

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In a rush? Here is our best rated foldable mattress

Why we rate this the best foldable mattress

  • This folding memory foam mattress is topped with cooling gel to help regulate body temperature and ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • At a size of 75 x 31 inches with a 3-inch depth, this mattress is one of the thinner products available. This makes it very portable and easier to store in the home.

  • The is removable and completely machine washable, making it easy to keep clean between uses.

  • This product is breathable, with a mite and dust-resistant construction – this ensures it offers a comfortable night’s sleep to the user.

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This is rated our best value for money foldable mattress

What you really need to know

  • This mattress is ventilated to regulate the user’s body temperature. This prevents the user from getting too warm while using the mattress and ensures a comfortable night.

  • The 1.5-inch upper layer of memory foam provides soft, comfortable support to the user during sleep. The 4.5-inch layer of below polyurethane foam provides the mattress with stability.

  • This mattress boasts a non-slip bottom. Users will be free from the problem of the mattress moving around on the floor in the night due to body movement.

  • This is a thicker mattress at 6 inches deep, so it may suit larger users and those who prioritize comfort over the size and weight of the mattress. To suit all needs, it’s available in single, twin, and queen sizes.

  • The mattress’s handles contribute to its portability, making it much easier to pack into storage in your home, or into the trunk of your vehicle.

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Best of the rest

What you really need to know

  • The breathable mesh cover assists with ventilation of the mattress while sleeping. This helps to regulate body temperature.

  • The cover can also be removed and machine-washed to keep the mattress fresh and hygienic between uses.

  • This versatile product can be used not only as a folded mattress but also as a sofa. An additional fold on one of the foam pads turns it into a backrest making it perfect for camping or sleepovers.

  • At 78 x 38 inches, this product is on the larger side of folding mattresses, and could potentially sit or sleep two users at once.

  • This product is also available in an even larger 78 x 58-inch queen-size version, allowing for flexibility depending on your needs.

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What you really need to know

  • The folding sleeping pads of this mattress are made of high-density foam and are softer than some other products available out there. So it might be more comfortable for some users, depending on preference.

  • As well as its main function as folding bedding, this tri fold mattress can be folded into a ‘couch’ position. This allows the user to use the mattress to sit upright on the floor.

  • At 4 inches thick there will be no problems folding this mattress up for storage or transit.

  • The cover can be unzipped and removed, making this mattress easy to keep clean and fresh after each use.

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What you really need to know

  • The soft polyester cover of this foldable foam mattress adds an extra element of comfort to the dense foam pads. It’s also removable, so it can be unzipped, taken off and washed to keep the mattress fresh and spotless.

  • At a thickness of 4 inches, this folding foam mattress is on the lighter, more portable end of the scale. The case that comes with it also makes it easier to carry and helps keep the mattress clean in transit and storage.

  • With dimensions of 75 inches x 31 inches, it comes in a pretty standard size and should accommodate most users. It also comes in a 75 inches x 25 inches version, giving you options to be even more portable and to use the product in even tighter spaces if necessary.

  • The tri-fold mattress is constructed from dense foam, potentially making it more supportive for the user’s back and suitable for use by larger adults.

  • The high-density foam makes this tri-fold mattress particularly durable. It may be suitable for more rugged uses, like camping, as well as for use in the home.

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What you really need to know

  • This product comes with a non-slip bottom, which prevents the problem of the mattress sliding around on the floor during sleep.

  • With a thickness of 6 inches, and constructed from high-density foam, this mattress is designed to ensure the user’s back is supported throughout the night.

  • This mattress comes with a removable waterproof cover. This makes it perfect for catching spillage or accidents, or for providing some protection while camping.

  • At a size of 76 x 25.5 inches, this product’s narrower width means it’s easier to fit into smaller places, for example in a tent or an RV.

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What you really need to know

  • This mattress is firmer than many other available products. It’s best for people who prefer sleeping on a more supportive bed or mattress.

  • This stuffing of this product is constructed from plant fibers, making the mattress naturally breathable.

  • All the seams on this mattress are double-stitched, designed to ensure long term durability after many uses.

  • The cover is made from cotton and comes in a variety of patterns and colors to suit your style.

  • At a size of 31 x 20, this narrower mattress is perfect for use in tighter spaces.

  • This eco-friendly mattress is handmade using responsibly and sustainably sourced materials.

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What you really need to know

  • The dirt-resistant cover can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to ensure it stays clean and fresh between uses.

  • The carry handles make this product convenient to move in and out of storage and to take with you on adventures.

  • The foam inner of this twin mattress is ventilated to help keep the user cool while sleeping and ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • With a thickness of 3.5 inches, this product is one of the thinner foldable mattresses available. It could be a great choice if portability and space-saving are priorities for you.

  • The imitation suede cover adds an additional level of comfort for the use

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What you really need to know

  • This mattress combines a 2.5-inch layer of high-density foam with a 1.5-inch memory foam upper layer. This maximizes comfort, support, and stability during use.

  • This product is available in a range of sizes, from small to king, offering maximum flexibility depending on the user’s needs.

  • The soft poly-jacquard cover is designed to complement the high-density foam construction. It’s an additional layer of comfort in combination with the dense foam pads.

  • The cover is also removable and can be laundered on a cool wash, making it very convenient to keep this product clean and hygienic.

  • The slip-proof bottom prevents travel across the floor or other surface during use.

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What you really need to know

  • This mattress can be rolled up neatly and fastened tight using the attached clips to keep it compact when in transit or stored in the home.

  • The integrating handles make this mattress easy to carry and pack into the trunk of a vehicle.

  • With a water-resistant cotton cover and a non-slip, water-resistant bottom, this mattress is protected from spillages. It would be well-suited for use while camping.

  • With an inner constructed entirely of memory foam, this 3-inch thick mattress is designed to provide excellent back support and maximize comfort.

  • The cover is removable and can be machine-washed, making this a very convenient product to keep clean and fresh.

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What you really need to know

  • Weighing in at 8lbs, this mattress is one of the lightest products available. It would be particularly convenient for taking on trips or moving between rooms in the home.

  • The quilted fabric cover adds an additional layer of comfort to the foam pad, and can be removed machine-washed when necessary,

  • When rolled up, this mattress has a 12-inch diameter, making it easy to stow in the trunk of a car or store in the home.

  • The product comes with its own carry bag with a shoulder strap. This offers the user a problem-free way of taking this lightweight mattress from A to B.  

  • This product combines high-density foam with memory foam to give the user the benefit of both softness and support.

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What you really need to know

  • The cover of this mattress stands out for being 100% waterproof. Spills, accidents or leaks won’t cause you or your guests any problems.

  • The non-slip bottom of the cover also means this product doesn’t travel around the floor of a tent or in the home. This helps to ensure the user gets a comfortable night.

  • A combination of high-density foam and memory foam makes for a balance between softness and stability in the mattress. With just a 3-inch thickness, it’s suitable even for taller and heavier adults to use comfortably.

  • The soft cotton cover is removable and machine-washable. It’s no hassle to keep this product fresh after using it.

  • The mattress rolls up neatly and comes with free packing straps to secure it for transit or to be stored in the home.

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What you really need to know

  • The cover is removable and machine-washable, plus the woven fabric is designed to resist dirt and stains. This will keep the mattress durable and clean for as long as possible.

  • A 2.5-inch lay of harder support foam is combined with an upper 1.5-inch layer of i-gel memory foam offering support, stability, and comfort.

  • Wide enough for many different sizes of people, easy to fold up, and simple to store, this product could be a very good choice for use in the home.

  • This mattress is a great compromise between thinner, lightweight mattresses, and heavier, thicker mattresses. It offers a balance between portability and comfort.

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Who would use a foldable mattress?

Anyone who likes to entertain at home will know the difficulty of finding somewhere comfortable for a guest to sleep at short notice. Having a foldable mattress to hand can be a brilliant solution. They’re great for maximizing storage space, easy to keep clean, and sure to have friends and family sleeping soundly. Some models are also suitable as toppers or as a folding bed mattress to give extra comfort and support for guests.

Foldable mattresses tend to be low weight and small in size. This makes them an excellent solution for anyone who enjoys traveling in comfort. Mattresses with carrying handles or a case are very easy to load into the car for weekend trips away. If you’re looking to purchase an alternative to a spare bed for the home or a product you can take away with you at short notice, a foldable mattress could be your best choice.

How much does a folding mattress cost?

In terms of price when looking to purchase a foldable mattress, you can expect to spend around $45 for a less expensive product, and around $130 at the upper end. The differences in price are to do with the size and thickness of the foldable mattress, and also the materials used. A foldable mattress containing more memory foam is likely to have a high price compared to a mattress made entirely of polyurethane foam. The best choice for you is going to depend on what your needs and how you intend to use the mattress.

What to look out for when buying a foldable mattress

There are a few key factors to consider when you’re looking to purchase a foldable mattress. The below pointers should give you an idea of how to find the folding mattress that is going to best suit your needs.

Thickness, size, and weight

Foldable mattresses come in a variety of sizes, from single to king, as well as a variety of thicknesses. How thick you want your mattress depends a lot on personal preferences. How big you want the mattress to be will depend on where you intend to use it and how many people you intend to use it at once.


Foldable mattress pads are usually constructed from either high-density foam or memory foam. Some are made up of a combination, with mattresses constructed with a higher proportion of memory foam tending to be more expensive. There are also a minority of foldable mattresses stuffed with natural plant fibers. Foldable mattress covers are usually either made of polyester or cotton. Some are also waterproof or water-resistant. Mattresses made of high-density foam will tend to be firmer, while memory foam mattresses are usually softer. The materials for you will depend a lot on your sleeping preferences.


This is only going to be a key factor if you want to take your foldable mattress on vacation or use it in your home often. When you’re thinking about portability, consider the weight and thickness of the fold up mattress. Also, look at how thick the mattress is when fully folded. A thicker mattress is likely to be more comfortable but may come at the expense of some portability.

Also, look at whether the foldable mattress has its own carrying handles, or comes with a carrying case. A product that has these features is likely to have a high price compared to those without them. But, if you don’t expect to move your mattress about much, then lower portability may not be a problem for you.

Durability and washability

It’s important that your folding mattress is comfortable to sleep on. But, it’s also worth thinking about how dirty it could get, as well as how easy it is to clean and how long it will last. Durability might not matter much if your mattress is going to stay stored in your home for use by guests. But, if you’re going to be out and about with it, toughness is worth thinking about.

Some foldable foam mattresses have removable covers, which makes them easier to clean. Others have non-removable covers designed to provide resistance to dirt. It’s also good to check whether a mattress comes with its own case. A case will provide extra protection from dirt and dust, keeping your mattress clean in storage.

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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