best pillow for hemorrhoid

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Best pillow for hemorrhoids

This article explains what hemorrhoid pillows are. It discusses information about the features and purposes of hemorrhoid pillows. By reading this article you will be able to understand, compare and purchase the best haemorrhoid pillow for your needs. 

What is a pillow for haemorrhoids? 

Pillows for hemorrhoids are cushions with specific features that help relieve hemorrhoid issues. They are often a donut shape so the body, bum and rectum can avoid contact with the seat. 

Most pillows are made from medical grade memory foam. The firm memory foam seat cushion strongly supports the butt. 

These pillows are recommended by doctors. They can be used for many physical issues alongside hemorrhoids. For example, they reduce the issue of bedsores, post surgery and partum pain and can aid bowel movements.

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Our Number 1, and best rated, best pillow for hemorrhoid

Tailbone Cushion Made from 100% Memory Foam

Why we rate this the best pillow for hemorrhoid

  • This donut pillow is doctor recommended. It provides orthopedic support by encouraging a healthier sitting position. This support prevents spine problems, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and numbness. 

  • The pillow is a perfect solution for people who sit at a desk for long periods of time. The ergonomic design promotes good posture. It supports the natural curve of the spine.  

  • It is designed with a removable zip cover. It is a machine washable cover, enabling you to keep the donut cushion clean. 

  • The cover is made from breathable mesh material. This mesh cover keeps the cushion and customer cool during usage. 

  • The cushion is also designed with a non-slip base. This will prevent you slipping on your office chair. The non-slip base helps to maintain a consistently good posture overall.

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This is rated our best value for money best pillow for hemorrhoid

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion to help with Tailbone Pain

What you need to know

  • These cushions are available in a variety of colors. Colors range from red to grey. This allows each customer to purchase according to their style and taste.

  • This is a heat responsive office seat cushion. Its use of advanced memory coccyx foam to respond to the heat of your body. It perfectly moulds to the shape of each bottom for comfort. 

  • The Everlasting Comfort company provides a lifetime replacement guarantee. Yet they note that the seat pad is designed to relieve, not cure, symptoms, aches and pains. 

  • This product is perfect for people who work at a desk. It can also be used when driving for long periods. Its size means it can be transported. The design provides relief from long sitting, lower back pain and tailbone pain. 

  • The U shaped ergonomic design is recommended by orthopedic surgeons. This clever design works effectively to treat chronic or acute pain.

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The best of the rest

Ergonomic Innovations Orthopedic Donut Pillow

What you need to know

  • These are the best pillows for travel. Its large yet lightweight size makes it perfect for work, and during types of seated activities such as driving or travelling. The design includes a clever carry handle for ease. 

  • Using heat responsive memory foam, the cushion contours to the shape of the body. 

  • These pillows elevate the sitting position. This provides extensive pain relief. Particularly of symbols such as hemorrhoids, fissures, joint pain, surgery and postpartum recovery. 

  • The donut shaped design distributes the weight safely. This product uses a central hole with contoured edges to further relieve pressure.

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Lisenwood Donut Pillow and Hemorrhoids Seat Cushion

What you need to know

  • The unique design of this product includes four ergonomic contours. There are two leg contours for healthy blood circulation in the legs. There is a rear coccyx contour at the rear for tailbone and lower back relief. The fourth contour is at the front centre, making the seat more comfortable for both men and women. 

  • The cushion is lightweight and portable. It’s non-slip rubber bottom allows the cushion to easily be placed anywhere. 

  • Cleverly engineered, the cushion is suitable for all shapes and sizes. The design makes it multifunctional.  It can be used on the road as a car seat, in the office or as a wheelchair cushion. 

  • The Lisenwood manufacturer offer a lifetime warranty and a 100% refund with each purchase. Refunds are granted without return. This level of customer service assures the quality of each premium wedge pillow set.

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DMI Donut Hemorrhoids Cushion for Tailbone Pain

What you need to know

  • This product comes with a choice of three colors. Allowing each customer to buy a pillow customised to the style of their home. 

  • The ring shape of this pillow, reduces pressure on the back and tailbone. It provides support by conforming with the body’s contours. 

  • Includes a machine washable cover. This allows the product to say clean and fresh smelling. 

  • Made from supportive and firm orthopedic memory foam. This firmness is more supportive to the body. 

  • This is the best cushion for hemorrhoids if you are looking to be discreet. The ring shape and central hole are hidden by the covering fabric so it remains disguised as a normal pillow. 

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Bonmedico Firm Orthopedic Donut foam pillow

What you need to know

  • This is the best pillow for haemorrhoids available if cleanliness is a priority. It includes an innovative gel-layer to keep the pillow cool. The design also has a breathable mesh cover which is washable at 60 degrees. 

  • This pillow uses an high-tech engineered design. It combines an innovative gel with a viscoelastic memory foam hybrid. The ergonomic design, materials and the donut shape prevent the painful area touching the seat.  

  • This is a versatile cushion. It is a medical grade product which can be used anywhere. It includes a non shift material to ensure it stays in place. All these features make it a safe product for patients after surgery or post-partum. 

  • The product comes with an easy to use carry handle. This makes it perfect for travel. It can be used as a coccyx cushion for the train or plane.

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Healthy Spirit Donut Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion

What you need to know

  • This is one of the best hemorrhoid donuts if you are looking for comfort and fuller support. The product is extra wide and extra long compared to other seat cushions. The large size promotes proper positioning. 

  • The materials for this orthopedic hemorrhoid pillow are of a high quality. It includes premium medical grade foam for a deep immersion and comfort. 

  • The design incorporates cutouts, to provide extra relief in the coccyx area. 

  • Unlike other polyester covers, this foam seat cushion has a removable, plush velvet cover. It is a washing machine safe for easy care. This allows cleanliness and the removal of stains. These features make it the best seat cushion for hemorrhoids if looking for luxury. 

  • The unique contoured silhouette makes it ideal support for a variety of aches and pains. Ailments include hemorrhoids, back pain, joint pain, tailbone injury, bed sores, pressure sores or post-surgery or postpartum recovery.

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Who would use a hemorrhoids pillow? 

Hemorrhoid pillows have a multitude of great uses aside from alleviating hemorrhoid pain. 

Due to the help they can offer, they are perfect for pregnant women both before and after childbirth. The pillows can be placed to aid different parts of the body to support both mother and baby. 

Hemorrhoid pillows are a great solution for anyone recovering from surgery. The design allows them to alleviate tailbone injuries, coccyx pain, back problems, leg pain and hip pain. The medical quality also means they can be a supportive seat for someone in a wheelchair. 

Hemorrhoid donut pillows can also be used by everyone. They are great for office workers who spend long periods of time seated. They help to promote physical health and posture and prevent future injury. 

The hemorrhoid memory foam pillow is also great for travel. Many pillows are designed with a carry handle. They are lightweight and compact to fit into luggage. Can be used as a chair car or supportive seat on the airplane. The function of these pillows helps to prevent ailments caused by flying. They reduce nerve pain and discomfort and promote blood flow, benefits useful when in the air. 

What features to look for when buying a donut pillow for hemorrhoids? 


Hemorrhoid pillows use the best materials on the market. Each material has a specific function. Many models incorporate bamboo or mesh for airflow breathability. Whilst some include a cooling gel layer or memory foam for firmness and support. 


Hemorrhoid cushions come in a variety of sizes. Smaller sizes are more convenient for travel and discreet. However, their small size may mean they provide less help and comfort for larger body types. 

Larger size cushions are the most comfortable option. Their large size causes them to elevate people off the chair for optimum support. Yet their size can make them cumbersome to travel with and unsuitable for certain chair types. 


Taking size into consideration, cushions are designed with other potable features. Some cushions come with a carry handle making them easy to travel with on trips. Other designs can be compressed and are more lightweight, causing them to take up less space in a bag or suitcase.

Bear in mind, that some of these features may compromise the level of help the item can provide to users. 


Many cushions have specifically designed features which make them easier to use. Removable covers are useful as they can be washed to remove sweat and ease the cleaning process. A removable cover improves these pillows durability. 

Some cushions also come with a non-slip bottom surface, making them suitable for use on any surface. 


It is important to choose the right designs for your needs. Some hemorrhoid pillows have indentations to provide help to certain parts of the body. Some use a breathable fabric, allowing users to regulate their body temperature. Whilst others have a center hole specifically designed to reduce hemorrhoid discomfort.

What features you prioritize will be defined by the reason for your purchases.  

What does a cheap pillow for haemorrhoids cost?

A quality, cheap pillow can be bought for as little as $18.00. These products still use quality materials such as supportive foam. They have also been designed to provide a quality level of help. However, the low money price tags compromise some features. For example, more expensive models may incorporate medical grade memory foam and non-polyester breathable covers. 

Does sitting on a pillow help hemorrhoids? 

There are multiple ways that sitting on a pillow helps hemorrhoids. The central hole of a donut cushion reduces body contact on the chair. This reduces issues of sensitivity and discomfort. 

They can also be used by the participant in many other ways to relieve the problem. Placing a pillow under the knees whilst led down reduces the strain of your abdominal weight on your pelvic floor region. 

Hemorrhoid pillows only provide temporary relief and will not cure hemorrhoids. We recommend seeing a dr or physician for medical tips, treatment and advice. 

What does a hemorrhoid pillow look like?

Hemorrhoid pillows can appear differently depending on the type. However, they are often plump cushions the size of a chair seat. They tend to have a high density for optimum support. Many pillows have supportive contours on the side and middle to support the thighs and bum. 

Some pillows are doughnut pillows, they have a hole in the middle. Whilst other pillows are flat with a small hole. These give fuller support yet also protect the sensitive areas. 

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