Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed
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Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed

This article is about pillows for watching TV in bed. It will guide you through what options are available. Providing you with the information and ability to pick the correct version for your needs.

What is a Pillow for Watching TV in Bed?

Unlike standard pillows, tv watching pillows have a number of features for this function. 

These qualities position the spine, neck and head safely. Supporting the body to provide relief and promote wellness whilst watching TV. Designs include a foam wedge, a chair on bed, an arm rest and neck support pillows.

The TV-pillow also incorporates the pros of scientific research into its material. For example, bamboo is odor resistant and sweat absorption features to reduce smell. While, the best high quality shredded memory foam is able to tailor to the body for orthopedic difficulties, promoting safety.

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Our number 1 recommended best pillow for watching tv in bed

Beige Avana Orthopedic Support Pillow

Why we rate this the best pillow for watching tv in bed

  • This model comes in two available sizes, 24-inch-wide and 30-inch-wide. This choice enables users to purchase the correct size and fit depending on their body, space and comfort needs. 

  • The unique design of this model, consisting of four individual, moveable pieces,  includes a back scoop piece, scoop cradle, headrest and knee rest. This flexible design enables you to change the setup of the pillow, such as increasing the incline to resolve aches, moving the base to elevate your legs and feet or lowering the height of the head rest to take the pressure of your neck and shoulders. 

  • Avana’s pillow covers are removable and machine washable, making their cushions easy to clean and to keep fresh. 

  • Each pillow is made of quality materials. Avana uses furniture grade polyurethane foam for durability, memory foam that contours to each participant for support, and bamboo covers to increase breathability. All these features make this the ideal memory foam reading pillow, or television watching pillow.

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Our cheapest recommended best pillow for watching tv in bed

ZOEMO Bed Rest Pillow with Armrests 

What you need to know

  • This model is best for customers who wish to sit more upright when watching TV. The pillow comes with a neck roll pillow for optimum support in the neck area, and alleviating neck pain.  

  • To show their quality and thanks, Zoemo sells all their products with a three year warranty, ensuring the quality of each pillow. If you have a problem, the company are also contactable 24/7, making them one of the best companies for customer service, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Unlike many other TV pillows, this manufacturer uses 100% cotton in their cushion filling, making their products more comfortable and long-lasting. It comes with a velour cover, suitable for washing. 

  • Due to the extra support the design of this pillow provides for arms, neck and back this pillow is also suitable for pregnancy care and therapy, alongside having space for both adults and children to relax and watch movies.

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The best of the rest

Foam Wedge Pillow with Removable Cover

What you need to know

  • The one-part structure of this pillow is designed to provide an experience that is both easy and simple to use as well as sleek in design, perfect for customers looking for stylish pillows for watching TV in bed. 

  • This pillow prides itself on its health benefits, relieving acid reflux symptoms, sinus and nasal congestion, respiratory and circulation problems alongside reducing neck, shoulder and back pain. 

  • Available in multiple colours to suit the style preferences of each customer. 

  • The clever design means that, alongside providing optimum support whilst watching tv in bed, the pillow has multiple other functions. For example, this pillow can also be used for leg elevation, sleeping, laptop rest or knee rest.

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Relax In Bed Pillow with Shredded Foam in Plain 

What you need to know

  • This pillow is the best pillow available if looking for ultimate comfort. The combination of poly-fiber material shredded foam and the built-in neck roll means the pillow provides overall, relaxed support. 

  • Unlike any other bed pillows, this product has a very stylish design. The neutral, clean ivory colour is well matched with all bedroom decor and is also machine washable for ease. 

  • This product is perfect for customers looking for a therapeutic pillow. The shredded foam provides a gentle texture and medium-soft feel makes it a nurturing pillow for people looking for a pregnancy cushion, posture support for heartburn ease. 

  • Machine washable cover

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Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, Two-Pack

What you need to know

  • This best-selling pillow is best for users looking for luxury from their purchase, a quality associated with the Beckham Hotel manufacturers. The fabric is a gel fibre that has been expertly crafted and tailored.

  • Easy to keep clean, this product is machine washable alongside being fade and stain resistant.

  • The pillows are dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant, allergen and chemical free, making them perfect for individuals who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. Paired with a hypoallergenic comfort bed mattress, such as bamboo or any other alternative, sensitive individuals should sleep soundly, with nothing to irritate skin or sinuses. 

  • Another great feature of this manufacturer compared to others is that, feeling sure of the quality of their products, The Beckham Hotel Brand offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to all their customers. If you are unhappy with your purchase you can simply return the product for a full refund.

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Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top

What you need to know

  • This pillow is rated one of the best bed wedge pillows available.

  • Provides greatest support. The memory foam and premium polyurethane foam create firmness for the upper torso, back and muscles.

  • The wedge design of this pillow makes it versatile. It can be used upright as an extra headboard or on the lap as a laptop support. These are the best pillows available if you are looking for multifunctionality.

  • This product uses cooling materials, such as the breathable cover and high-density foam. This enables it to stay cool whilst also providing upper body support.

  • Relieves a lot of common health benefits. This pillow reduces acid reflux, gerd, heartburn, snoring, and respiratory issues. It’s many functions make it a perfect option for post-surgery support.

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Husband Pillow made from Plush Shredded Memory Foam

What you need to know

  • Unlike other shredded memory foam pillows, this pillow comes in a large variety of colors. Colors range from bright pink to navy, allowing buyers to buy a style that suits the taste of a room or household. 

  • Covers can be bought individually, making it easy to change the colors of your sit up pillow. The removable polyester material covers make the cleaning process easy.

  • Perfect for relaxation, this model has generous dimensions. The design combines shredded memory foam with a high-quality micro plush cover for the greatest comfort.

  • This pillow is very usable and transportable. It has an armrest, built-in side pockets for storage, to hold your remote, phone or book. It also has a handy built-in carry handle.

  • The outside zipper allows users to adjust the inside padding to suit them.

  • Husband Pillows promises a 3 year warranty and a 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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Who Would Use a TV Watching Pillow?

Although designed for watching TV or reading, TV watching pillows can be used by everyone for everything.

The tv pillow for bed is great whilst watching a movie. It can also be used as a reading pillow, for playing video games or other activities. This is helped by their portability. They can be taken onto the floor or sofa to function as a chair or backrest.

They are a great idea for individuals recovering from surgery and are recommended by doctors. They are also suitable for pregnant women, new mothers and people of all ages. Many are designed with xtra comfort and firm support. The spaciousness of each pillow allows choices in the way it can be used in life.

What features to look for when buying a pillow for watching TV in bed?

Below is a roundup of the basics, recommendations and tips. These are things to look for when searching for the best pillow to watch tv in bed. Perfect for any home! 

Reviews can be a great way to navigate sites, to see another’s angle through their rating.  This helps you get a true understanding of each body pillow. Watch out for bias advertising, such as an affiliate advertising program. Anything which could sway the truth!


Each material has different pros and cons so it is important each user pays attention to what would work for them. Allowing them to make a comparison between each to make the right choice.

It can be confusing when working out the correct choice and reason to purchase. Materials can range from, malouf z foam, crystal velvet padding, certipur foam and microsuede.

Rayon or velour covers provide the softest and comfortable experiences. Yet they are not ideal if you are sensitive to allergens or heat and struggle to regulate body temperature. 

In this case, a material such as bamboo would be a far better option.  This is due to its hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and breathable qualities.

Size and Portability 

Depending on what the desired function of the watching TV in bed pillow might be, it is important to take into consideration these features.

For a very supportive pillow, your prime concern is finding a pillow that will fully support your weight. This will work deeply to resolve back pains. Many function as a fuller chair in bed or you may want to purchase a larger full body support pillow. 

Some pillows work more suitably for travel, even if just to the couch. Whilst being small, they also support the body. This is a good option if you are of a smaller body frame or have kids who may use it. 

Some companies also offer different size options. So, depending on your body type, when looking on the market, it is important to look for this.


The specific shape of the pillow will distinguish what different functions it can provide. A popular design is the comfort bed wedge pillow. The foam wedge shape means that it provides firm, full back support. Hence, it is perfect for people whose bodies require orthopedic attention. 

Other shapes, such as a fluff pillow husband or a chair for bed pillow are more suitable for those seeking comfort and softness. 


When purchasing the best pillows to watch TV in bed, there are features which will make the experience more pleasant, simple and easy. Lots of pillow designs cleverly include a carry handle or machine washable covers and replacement covers. 

What Does a Cheap Bed Pillow for Watching TV Cost? 

Most of the designs of TV watching pillows are available cheaply, starting at the price of about $30.00. Perfect if you are a person with a smaller money budget. 

However, due to this cheap price tag, there are some considerations and factors to bear. Watch out for defects, durability, performance, quality contro, color drain and sustainability. 

What Does the Best Pillow for Watching TV in Bed Cost? 

The higher money end of models available: with the best reviews, construction, fibers and comfort level; usually cost around $60.00. 

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Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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